Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

Hydraulic hose and everything that goes with it! Unisource provides a high-quality and broad line of hydraulic hose products. These products are marketed to select OEM customers and hydraulic distributors throughout North America. We have been supplying the most advanced products and expert service to the industry since 1980. Unisource hose and fittings are constructed to the same lofty performance standards and specifications as are products from manufacturers such as Parker, Gates, and Eaton.

Our Hose Lines…

The Unisource Pressure-Flex line of hose goes beyond standard SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) specifications, due to high pressure ratings plus added flexibility and service life. Our Tuff-Flex line is identical in specifications to Pressure-Flex, except with a special abrasion resistant rubber compound cover. The result is that it offers 25 times the abrasion resistance of standard hydraulic hose.


Hose Types and Applications…

Constructions ranging from rubber hose to thermoplastic hose to PTFE core hose will meet the needs of virtually any fluid power application. This means that distributors are able to obtain all hose specs from a single manufacturer. In addition,Unisource hydraulic hose Unisource builds precision, high-quality crimp fittings and tooling. This allows our customers to build hose assemblies from one supplier. Special market hose and couplings are designed to meet the needs of specific industries. These industries include water blasting and sewer cleaning and jetting. For example, our Poly-Flow thermoplastic hose line meets all needs for both sewer cleaning and jetting hose and for thermoplastic hydraulic hose.


Accessories and Hose Protection…

To compliment our hose products, choose from a variety of accessories, such as steel, brass, and stainless steel hydraulic adapters and split flange kits. To enhance hose life and performance we have spring guards, nylon hose sleeving, and spiral-guard hose sleeving. These products are manufactured from the same sources as the largest hose manufacturing names at a significant price savings.

Unisource products are analyzed for quality assurance and specifications at many points of the manufacturing process to insure that we ship the very best finished products to our customers. In addition, we perform hydraulic pressure testing and impulse testing to ensure that our products perform to rated specifications.

In short, consider these Unisource advantages…

  • A comprehensive line of hydraulic hose products including rubber hydraulic hose, thermoplastic hydraulic hose, and PTFE hose. All with matching fittings. Hose crimpers and equipment, accessories.
  • Hose specs that go beyond SAE standards, providing high pressure ratings with improved flexibility and performance.
  • Thermoplastic hose of every type, manufactured with extruders and braiders in our own factory.
  • Crimper programs that make machine trade-outs easy and more cost-effective.
  • Available training for crimping personnel.

If your particular application does not appear in this section, chances are we can design a product to meet the application. Please contact Unisource to discuss a custom design. To inquire about Unisource OEM hydraulic products or if your company is interested in becoming a Unisource hydraulics distributor, please contact us.


Links to our web sections regarding the following product groups…

Hose beyond SAE specs, light, flexible. Complete line of SAE spec hose.


The same hose specs, except with Tuff-Flex abrasion resistant cover.


“Poly-Flow” thermoplastic hydraulic hose with fabric reinforcement.


Air brake hose, push-on air hose, hydraulic jack hose, fuel line, 100R5.


Sewer cleaning and jetting hose from 2500 PSI to 5000 PSI W.P.


For all types of hose construction.


Adapters, flange kits, spring guards, plus nylon and fabric sleeving.


Crimpers from 60-240 tons, pumps, shelves, die holders, and saws.